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As an AutoCAD user for some period of time now, I have encountered so many problems involving data losses, data corruption and damaged drawing files. Which trigger when the AutoCAD that I am using encountered a program error, system error or a windows manager failure. And to some point an, unnoticed power failure.

Usually when I encountered this, the first thing that comes to my mind is the questions, what will happen with the data that I am working on? will it be loss? or can I recover it without any damaged at all?. Especially when times I forgotten to save it.

So to lessen the data losses and damaged drawing due to the above said, I always see to it that I didn’t left uncheck the Automatic save preference box, and set at least 10 minutes to 20 minutes save interval. This option always make a back up copy of the file at your own specific interval. And this also saves me from worrying that I might don’t have any back up data at all.

You’l find this under the tool menu, or just type options at the command prompt.


I also remember when I encountered such problem, when I was still barely new on using the AutoCAD. The sudden power failure we had then, loss all my updated drawing files that I had worked for an hour. That incident, serves as a reminder for me to always save my drawing from time to time, and the important of Automatic save (autosave) option and always make a back up copy if necessary.

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