How to modify a Viewport

Sometimes, you want to modify your viewport in your drawing, you want to redefined it from a simple rectangular shape to any irregular shapes. Well you can always modify the boundary of your layout viewport, just by using the command VPCLIP. And you can find it at the Modify pulldown menu, under Clip, then viewport. Or just type VPCLIP at the command prompt.


To clip a layout viewport, either you can use your existing object to designate as the new boundary, or specify the points of a new boundary.

Here is how to modify using polygonal option:

  1. At the command prompt, type VPCLIP, then the
  2. Command prompt, will ask to select the viewport you want to clip (see fig. 1).
  3. Then after selection, enter P, polygonal option, or alternatively right click and  select polygon option.
  4. Then specify points of your desired new viewport (see fig.2).















Another way is, by selecting an object, Here is how:

  1. Create a polygonal object or any irregular shapes you want by using PLINE command.
  2. At the command prompt, type VPCLIP or at the Modify pulldown menu, Clip then select viewport.
  3. Then select the viewport you want to clip.
  4. Then after selection, enter O, or object.
  5. Then command prompt, will ask “expects a point or Last/Group/Polygonal
  6. Just enter L or Last. When you select group, command prompt will ask for group name. Just press enter, select object to clip and your finish.

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