Easiest Way of Changing a Text in AutoCAD

I don’t know about the other advance users of AutoCAD if they using FIND command frequently, or if they ever use it at all. Because for me FIND command is one of the frequently used command in AutoCAD. Specially when the drawing I’m working with has a need to replace a series of text annotations.

Replacing a series of text strings in a drawing, proved to be a source of annoyance and sometimes headache to the Draftsman/Architect. Good thing that, AutoCAD has this useful command that always makes the replacing text an easy task.

FIND command, will search for and replace text in a drawing. Though the replacement is based on text content only, character formatting and text properties are not changed.


You can find the FIND command under the EDIT pulldown menu. Or at the command prompt, type FIND, then enter. And a dialog box will pop-up.

  1. In Find Text String, type in the text you want to find.
  2. In search In, select entire Drawing or click the select object s button.
  3. In Replace, enter the text with which you want to replace the found text.


Find and Replace Options

With the Find and Replace Options, you can choose whether which type of text you want to include in the search. Such as, Block with attribute value, an Mtext, a Dimension annotation Text, a Text with Hyperlink description, or you want to jast match the text you want to be search.



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