How to make a Break-Line Symbol in AutoCAD the Easy Way

I don’t know if this cool AutoCAD routine called Break-Line, in Express tools was already around in the previous version of AutoCAD. Because I haven’t saw this in the previous version of AutoCAD that I’m using, the AutoCAD 2004. It is only just this year that I’d use AutoCAD Architecture 2008, so I have no idea if, whether ther was a already Break-Line Symbol exists, or maybe I just to busy to notice its existence? hhmmm.

Anyway, if you always involved in detailing a large objects in your drawing, or making a 1:1/1:2 scale of details. You probably always use a Break-Line Symbol. First, lets go back to the basics. In Drafting standards, if you are a practising Draftsman or Architects, you already know about Break-Line Symbol and where and when should be use. But, if happens that you don’t have a background in Drafting, and you only want to learn how to use AutoCAD, it is important that you should know this.

Break-Line symbol, in drafting standards is an important character or entity in a drawing to represent a break or a cut from an object. It is usually use in drawing a large and compressed but scaled object in your drawing. To be able to fit in a small space in your drawing sheet, you have to break or cut the certain object, thus the Break-Line Symbol comes in. So thats it. I hope I explain it well.

Now, how to make a Break-Line in AutoCAD the easy way. The most easiest way is to do it by using the command Break-Line, you can find it under the Express Tools pulldown menu, under the Draw. Or at the command prompt, type BREAKLINE, alternatively you can find it in Express tools standard toolbar.



Block=BRKLINE.dwg, size 2.5000, Extension=0.2500 Pick first point for breakline or press<enter>for options: Specify a point or press ENTER for options.


Pick second point for breakline: Specify the second point for the line
Pick location for break symbol <Midpoint>: Specify the point on the line segment to specify the location of the breakline symbol, or press ENTER to use the midpoint of the line.





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Is there a certain size the breakline needs to be depending on scale? For example, I just made one, but it was so tiny it just looked like a regular line.

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