Using Select Similar and Quick Select command

As I have discussed in my previous post, to be able to speed up the works of the Draftsman and Architects alike. One should know some techniques to do so. One technique that I already talk about was, tha using of command Quick Dimension. So now, two more commands that I know, will helps alot to make our works done, in a fastest way possible. These commands are the Select Similar and Quick Select command.

Select Similar

Select Similar command, is a command creating a selection set of objects base on the same layer and have the same style. With this command, you can perform a global change to your drawing, by just selecting a initial object, and all objects that are on the same layer and have same style will also be selected.


You can find Select Similar, under the Edit pulldown menu, or at the command prompt, type in SELECTSIMILAR. Alternatively you can just select the first object you want in the selection set. Then Right-Click, and pick the Select Similar option. And in keyboard shortcut, press CTRL+SHIFT+A.


Quick Select

Whilst, the Quick Select command or QSELECT, behave almost alike with the Similar Select command, they differ in some way. The QSELECT command allows a single selection criterion. It specify the filtering criteria and how you want to create the selecition set from those criteria.

With Quick Select, you can use object properties or object types to include in the selection set, or to exclude them. You can define a selection set based on filtering criteria that you specify.


For example, in Object Type you can choose whether your selection be a Multiple, A Polyline, Hatch, Solid, Circle, Mtext, Text, Block Reference, arc, Dimension Attribute Definition, or Leader. And in Object Properties, you can choose your selection based from, Color, layer, Linetype, Linetype Scale, Plot Style, Lineweight, or hyperlink if any. You can as well choose, whether you want your defined selection set, be apply to the entire drawing, or just to a selected portion of your drawing.

Quick Select command, can be find at the Navigation toolbar, at the navigation toolbar click the Properties Pallette. Then at the Properties pallette, click Qselect icon. Alternatively you can type in, QSELECT at the command prompt.



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