Using REFEDIT Command

REFEDIT or Reference Edit, is a command that modify blocks and external references  or Xref, and redefine block definitions within the current drawing. So if there something you want to modify, some portions of the blocks or external reference from your drawing. Then REFEDIT is the command you can always trust in doing so.

By editing the Block or Xref in place, you can modify the reference within the visual context of your drawing. With REFEDIT you can modify the external reference, without going back and fourth between the reference itself and to you drawing, where the Xref was currently inserted. Therefore, making your life more easier in  doing your work, or for this case editing some portions on your drawing.

The downside in using in-place reference editing of Xref is, it can increase the size of your current drawing files significantly during the in-place editing session. Making your drawing file size more bigger than you expected to be. So even if it is useful for us AutoCAD users, the in-place editing of the external reference or Xref, it is not advisable to do it, only if you are concern about the file size of your drawing. While Xref, has this small issue regarding the file size, the block reference doesn’t have this same issue, making the block more suitable from using the in-place editing or the REFEDIT.



You can access, Edit Reference In-Place or REFEDIT command, by clicking the Tools pulldown menu, then Xref And Block In-Place Editing, then Edit-Reference In-Place (fig.1). Alternatively, at the command prompt, type REFEDIT. Then from within the drawing, select the block or external reference that you would like to modify. Thenafter selectiong the block or Xref a Reference Edit dialog box will appear (fig.2), in the Reference Edit dialog box, select the specific reference that you want to edit.



After selecting the specific reference the REFEDIT toolbox will appear (fig.3), then from there you can save it after you finish editing th object reference in your drawing. The object in the working set are saved to the reference and the Xref or the Block is updated. All Blocks that inserted in the drawing withthe same names as the block that has been modified, will also be updated.



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Hey can I copy and paste this post on my web site? What references must I give? You might give this info for other people too.


No you can’t , if you must you have to state the source where you get it. say a LINK.

amit dey

sir please send how refedit drawing no dimension change

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