Edit Drawings Online using AutoCAD WS

The not so latest innovation on AutoCAD today that I just recently discovered is, the AutoCAD WS. This version of AutoCAD allows the user to open and edit any dwg files using just an internet browser and from any computer even without the actual software installed. AutoCAD WS, can also be use with any android mobile, Iphone, ipad and Ipod touch.


AutoCAD WS on Web Browser

The AutoCAD WS is a fully functional web apps, this apps works just like the real AutoCAD software. You can open DWG/DXF files with full support for xRefs, image files, stylesheets and fonts. Editing your drawing anywhere and anytime is now possible by editing it online. Sharing and collaborating drawings with others is much easier, you can even see each others edits in real time as well. In the mobile apps version of AutoCAD WS editing drawing objects can be done with an intuitive touch and gesture interface, a function commonly use in any apps on any android mobile and Iphone.


AutoCAD WS on Ipod Touch

And if you thinking how are you going to save your work done using this apps, worry not, because all changes that made in the drawing, are all available on our online account for viewing and download. And in the event of temporary internet disconnection, offline access allows you to edit files, and the changes will just sync it back later.

There it goes, that’s all I can say for now, I’ll just make another post regarding this AutoCAD WS, if ever I discover something useful while using this application.

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