Missing arial text in polygonal mview

Have you encounter problems in AutoCAD like, when you are zooming out from the paper space in your drawing, the Arial text are visible but when you zooming back in, it does not appear at all in your screen?, but when you move back to model space, the Arial text is there and visible, then worst of all is when you print the drawing, all Arial text does not print at all.

This all happen in a drawing that using a polygonal MVIEW, but in a regular MVIEW
this does not an issue at all.

Anyway, I did some searching from the internet and here is the solution that I found that works with my case.

Go to your desktop, right click at the AutoCAD Icon, click properties, then at the dialog box, click the compatibility panel, then uncheck all check box but check the disable desktop composition, click apply then ok, and relaunch AutoCAD.

Compability panel

Compability panel

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