Missing CTB



There are two types of plot style tables, the named (STB), and the color-dependent (CTB). The named plot styles can be assigned to an object independent color, while color-dependent plot styles table (ctb) which is the commonly used plot styles (at least in my experience) based on the color of the object.

AutoCAD Professionals and practitioners, encounter some problems from time to time regarding printing / plotting their drawing. One of these problem might be the CTB that went missing, which I encountered recently. This problem will only become one, if you don’t know what to do or if you forgot what AutoCAD command you’re going to use to make that CTB appear again, just like what happen to me that time which I forgot what command I’m going to use to make the CTB appear and complete the task at hand at that time.


Anyway, if this situation happen to anyone, CONVERTPSTYLES is the AutoCAD command that one should use. Just key-in CONVERTPSTYLES
onto your keyboard, then a dialogue box will pop out, just click ok and you’re all set.


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