Editing Hatch objects using Grips

Last time I blog about the usefulness of the Grips function of AutoCAD, I showed how this simple yet effective component of AutoCAD to be of great help in doing everyday task of an AutoCAD Professionals like me. I showed on that post how in one operation you can perform multiple task and can do multiple command, such as mirror, copy, stretch, move, rotate, etc. With that function imagine how fast you can modify your drawing.

When I wrote that article I’m only using AutoCAD 2008 version, right now I’m using AutoCAD 2014 and I just discover that this Grips function not only do multiple things that I mentioned above, but now, this same Grips function can edit the hatch object as well.


In earlier version of AutoCAD, like the one I use some months ago the AutoCAD 2008, whenever I modify a drawing with a hatch object on it, I always delete the old hatch and just create a new one. But now with this higher version of AutoCAD, I can just modify the hatch by using the Grips function.

Modifying hatch with Grips is so easy and fun, it’s like the hatch object has its own invisible boundary. You just have to click the hatch object, then its boundary will be highlighted, then select a vertex, stretch it if you like then you’re done.

grips_arc1One of the amazing things I found out in this Grips function is the ability to convert one of the side of the hatch object to an arc shape, not only you can convert one side to an arc, you can also add additional vertex on the hatch object, and you can convert it back to line as well.

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