Creating Hatch without Boundary

Commonly when doing hatch we have to create first its boundary before doing the hatch itself.
That is always the case for me when I’m doing hatch in my drawing.
But doing hatch without boundary is also possible and that is the one I’m going to blog about.

To create hatch without boundary, at the command prompt.

type -HATCH
Enter p to specify Properties.
Enter the name of the pattern. For example, enter earth to specify the “EARTH” pattern.
Specify the Scale and angle for the hatch pattern. For my example I use scale “500” and “45” for the angle.
Enter w to specify Draw Boundary.

unbounded hatch_01


Enter n to discard the polyline boundary once the hatch area has been defined.
Specify points to define the boundary. Enter C to close the polyline boundary. [ Fig. 01]

Then Press ENTER twice to create the hatch.




That’s all. Your unbounded hatch.


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