Free AutoCAD Shortcuts Guide

I just recently came across about this AutoCAD shortcuts guide in PDF from AutoDESK, which I think will come in handy whether you’re a beginner or an advance user.

AutoCAD Shortcuts guide

AutoCAD Shortcuts guide

The good thing with this downloadable shortcuts guide is, you can just print it and paste it beside your workplace. Download now in this Link.


Yet Another Free CAD Downloads

For thirteen years as an AutoCAD Draftsman, AutoCAD from Autodesk is probably the only CAD software that I would say I had used mostly. Although sometimes, I got a chance to use the AutoCAD’s counterpart the Microstation by Bentley. But I only use the microstation rarely, that is why up to now I can’t say I am an advance user of microstation software.

Did you know, that having a knowledge from other CAD software other than AutoCAD makes you more competetive?, comparing to those who only know one software. So that’s why it is recommended that we should atleast know how to use other CAD software. And  how are you going to gained a knowledge on other CAD  software if you don’t own one?, unless if get yourself train in a training center. Well we can always get a free CAD software but as I always said, you can only use it in some period of time, common is 30 days trials.

Here are the list of CAD software I found over the net.

Rhino 4.0 - A fully functional trial version of 2D and 3D CAD software that you can use.

TurboCAD - A premium software solution for professional architectural design. Register to heir site and they will allow you to download a 15 days trial version of their products.

A9CAD - A 2 dimensional CAD drawing,  viewing and editing shareware CAD software. Suport DWG/DXF format, familiar windows graphical interface. You can download a 30 day trial version of this software.

CADopia Professional 8 – An ideal tool for Engineers, Architects and other CAD Professionals who need a full-featured solution at an affordable price of $495 usd. But you can download a fully functional trial version that you can use for 30 days.

ProgeCAD Professional - is a reliable low-cost AutoCAD-compatible design and drafting software program for business. This software offers powerful AutoCAD-like features. Download a a full trial version from their site.

ZWCAD - A powerful CAD tool for 2D drawing. A fully functional 30 days trial version available for free downloads from their site.

ProgeEARTH 2009 – Civil survey AutoCAD clone software, no learning curve for AutoCAD users, natively reads and write AutoCAD DWG files, no need for conversion. Download a fully functional 30 days trial from their site.

JustCAD – A simple 2D CAD software. Download for free from their site.

AxCAD 6.32 – AxCAD is 100% DWG compatible and AutoCAD command compatible CAD software. This software is another affordable choice for AutoCAD users. Using DWG as native file format, supports AutoCAD 2009 drawing format, supports LISP, ADS development.  Download their trial version from their site.

PowerSHAPE – A 3D CAD software and 100% free for downloads. You just have to fill-up their form before downloads.

DeltaCAD Professional v.7.0 – Download a fully functional demo of this software, allowed to use for 45 days. DeltaCAD is a powerful, easy to learn CAD software designed to meet all your CAD needs.

SmartDRAW – Create graphics without manually drawing.SmartDraw draws for you. Use simple buttons on the SmartPanel to add shapes and SmartDraw places them in just the right position with appropriate connections. This software can be use by even without any background in drafting. Download the trial version from their site.

GstarICAD – This software is based on IntelliCAD software, the industry standard for low-cost CAD software. GStarICAD is the innovative alternative to AutoCAD that provides OpenDWG file compatibility, similar environment, full suppoert for AutoCAD commands, menus, scripts, styles, patterns, etc. Download it’s 30 day trial version for free, from their site.

Expos 9.0 – Expos is a specialized CAD software, enabling trade  show display booths designing. Download ther demo version.

Thats it for now, I will just add more in the future.

Free AutoCAD Downloads

autocadlogoAutoCAD is a Computer Aided Design software application, intended use for design, 2D and 3D drawing and widely use by Architects, Draftsmen and Engineers. AutoCAD is developed and sold by Autodesk Inc.

As an AutoCAD Draftsman myself I know the capability of this software, for a couple of years using this software, I can say I’m already an advance user of this software. However, being an advance user it doesn’t mean I know all aspects of AutoCAD. With the yearly updates of AutoCAD,  it’s imposible for us user’s to be an expert with the software specially if you don’t own one.

But, do you know that we can own an original AutoCAD software? albeit only a trial version of it. But it’s better than nothing, this trial version works just like the original version.

Anyway, just head to the site of Autodesk, or click here and they will allow you to download their products for free and you can use it for 30 days. After it’s expiration, you should uninstalled it in your PC, or buy a original one from their authorized seller if you still want to use their products.

photo above is the new logo of AutoCAD 2009