How to reduce AutoCAD file size by using Purge and Audit

How to reduce your AutoCAD file size to a smaller size? that is the predicament an AutoCAD Draftsman and any CAD practitioner alike always face. Recently this question comes back to my attention when a colleague of mine ask me regarding his file becoming so big in size and ask me how to reduce it. Good thing I encountered that same predicament of him many times before, and I can still remember the process on how can an AutoCAD file be reduce.

Reducing AutoCAD file size involve a series of commands and it is not easily to remember the first time, specially if you seldom uses it. That’s why it is important that I should blog about this.

Any how… as the title of this article says, yes you can reduce your AutoCAD file by using command purge and audit.  Here is how..

  • First thing is audit your AutoCAD files by typing AUDIT on your command prompt. Then after you audited it click “Save as” and save it in DXF file format and then close without saving it again.