How to make a Break-Line Symbol in AutoCAD the Easy Way

I don’t know if this cool AutoCAD routine called Break-Line, in Express tools was already around in the previous version of AutoCAD. Because I haven’t saw this in the previous version of AutoCAD that I’m using, the AutoCAD 2004. It is only just this year that I’d use AutoCAD Architecture 2008, so I have no idea if, whether ther was a already Break-Line Symbol exists, or maybe I just to busy to notice its existence? hhmmm.

AutoCAD Dashboard

Being quite new on using the latest version of AutoCAD, you always have this  excitement when you discover something new or new tools that you haven’t been used in the previous version of AutoCAD. Just like when I discovered about this Dashboard on AutoCAD Architecture 2008.

This new tool called Dashboard seems like a collection of usefull toolbars, control panels that fitted into one panel. Using these new tool, will reduce the display of different toolbars and surely makes you maximise the available area of workspace in your monitor.