Using Drawing Recovery Command

I know all of us AutoCAD users, has experienced losing our drawing files when a program system failure came unexpectedly. Or sometimes when a power failure or a software problem happens right in the middle of doing our work. And because it is too sudden, most of the times we haven’t saved our drawings.

So in order to avoid losing much of our work, we tend to use Automatic Save so that even we forget to save our work, the AutoCAD automatically save it for us, albeit it only saved some of it from the time frame we had set.

Some years ago, when I’m just using the previous version of AutoCAD notably the  AutoCAD 2002 (this version has the most program error I had encounter), when this system error unexpectedly happen and the AutoCAD shutdown unexpectedly. I used to look for my automatically saved drawing ($) on temporary folders using the window explorer.

So now if you are using latest version of AutoCAD, just as I am using the not so latest AutoCAD Architecture 2008. Recovering our drawing is not that  complicated anymore. Because this version of AutoCAD has this command, DRAWING RECOVERY.


This command, recovered our drawing automatically for us. After a system failure, or the AutoCAD program failure unexpectedly came, the Drawing Recovery Windows Manager will open the next time we start AutoCAD session. The Drawing Recovery Windows display the list of all drawing files that were open. However unsaved drawings that are open at the time of an unexpected failure are not tracked by the drawing recevery manager. So it is always safe that we always save our drawing from time to time, even if we had set Automatic Save for file precautions.

If happens that you close the Drawing Recovery Window,  before recovering all files tha you want to recover, you can always access Drawing Recovery command at all times by accessing from the Files pulldown menu, then Drawing Utilities, then Drawing Recovery. Or at the command prompt, type DRAWINGRECOVERY.

Automatic save

As an AutoCAD user for some period of time now, I have encountered so many problems involving data losses, data corruption and damaged drawing files. Which trigger when the AutoCAD that I am using encountered a program error, system error or a windows manager failure. And to some point an, unnoticed power failure.

Usually when I encountered this, the first thing that comes to my mind is the questions, what will happen with the data that I am working on? will it be loss? or can I recover it without any damaged at all?. Especially when times I forgotten to save it.

So to lessen the data losses and damaged drawing due to the above said, I always see to it that I didn’t left uncheck the Automatic save preference box, and set at least 10 minutes to 20 minutes save interval. This option always make a back up copy of the file at your own specific interval. And this also saves me from worrying that I might don’t have any back up data at all.

You’l find this under the tool menu, or just type options at the command prompt.


I also remember when I encountered such problem, when I was still barely new on using the AutoCAD. The sudden power failure we had then, loss all my updated drawing files that I had worked for an hour. That incident, serves as a reminder for me to always save my drawing from time to time, and the important of Automatic save (autosave) option and always make a back up copy if necessary.