Command Alias Editor

Aside from modifying your command thru PGP files which I already discussed it here, and here on where you can find it, and how you can modify it. There is also another way of modifying your AutoCAD command that is thru Command Alias Editor, which you can find under the Express menu, and under Tools. And from the command prompt type ALIASEDIT.


How not to forget AutoCAD commands

question_mark3Have you, sometimes experienced forgetting the AutoCAD commands that you learned? worst is, forgetting it right from the middle of doing your work?. I do experienced it many times. Even now that I have been using AutoCAD for almost 13 years, I still forget some commands, especially those command that I seldom use.

I remember when I was still relatively new on using AutoCAD in my work, still fresh the AutoCAD learning centre. While working on my work using AutoCAD Rel.13 (Still the latest version at the time) I froze from my seat, because I forgot what I will key-in on the keyboard. Good thing, that time there was a colleague who seat just right next beside me, who helps me.

So from that experienced, I realised that maybe I should have a ledger or a list of AutoCAD commands that are readily available for me to use, should the need arise.

Ok, enough of that. Here are some methods that I think it might help you on not to forget your AutoCAD commands. Some of these methods really works on me.

  • Make a note of all commands in a notepad / notebooks

ACAD.PGP where art thou?

Sometime ago I’ve posted about modifying command aliases by changing it in ACAD.PGP, and also where to look for it. As what I have post, ACAD.PGP can be found on the support folder of the AutoCAD program folder. But that is applicable if your still using the previous version of AutoCAD, say AutoCAD 2002, AutoCAD LT or 2004.

What about if you already using the latest version? can you still find the ACAD.PGP on the same location as the previous one?. 

Perhaps you’ll be the one asking these question? “where is this ACAD.PGP?”. Well worry not, co’z you can access this acad.pgp within autocad itself, under the customize on the CAD Manager pulldown menu.


If you notice, previous version of AutoCAD don’t have these CAD Manager menu. These menu only appears in AutoCAD architecture 2008 version.

Using command aliases

It is safe to say that some advance users of AutoCAD, regardless of what releases of AutoCAD that they uses are using modified command aliases or command abbreviations. Some users also have their own personalized set of command aliases that they prefer to use it over the default command aliases available on AutoCAD. These aliases are usually the frequently used AutoCAD commands (eg. Line, Dimension, fillet, Trim, etc. etc.).

In AutoCAD, you can abbreviate any command that you use regularly in two different ways. One is by defining aliases for them in command alias section of acad.pgp. And the other is by defining aliases in autolisp routine, however this post is only about defining it in acad.pgp.

You can access the acad.pgp on windows explorer. Usually this file is located under the support folder of AutoCAD folder and under the program files folder on windows explorer.

You can open and edit this file either in notepad or in wordpad, just choose any of of the two programs that suiting your taste.

The sample below is portion of command alias section contains items similar to those in the standard acad.pgp file. The letter/letters on the left side is the abbreviation of the command that you enter at the command prompt. And the words on the right side are the command being abbreviated.

A,      *ARC

You can change the letter on the left side with any letter suits you or any letter that easy for you to memorize.