Using Text Fit

TEXTFIT, is an AutoCAD express tools command that stretches or shrink text objects, by selecting a new start and end points for text. This command should be best use in a situation like, fitting a room label in an enclosed border by setting a new text width.

Text Fit, can be found under the Express pulldown menu, under the Text. Or alternatively at the command prompt, type-in, TEXTFIT.


How to make a Break-Line Symbol in AutoCAD the Easy Way

I don’t know if this cool AutoCAD routine called Break-Line, in Express tools was already around in the previous version of AutoCAD. Because I haven’t saw this in the previous version of AutoCAD that I’m using, the AutoCAD 2004. It is only just this year that I’d use AutoCAD Architecture 2008, so I have no idea if, whether ther was a already Break-Line Symbol exists, or maybe I just to busy to notice its existence? hhmmm.

Using Change Text Case (TCASE)

Another great routine addition, that I had recently discover in AutoCAD Express tools, that I think will also be useful to us AutoCAD user, is the command Change Text Case. Change Text Case, changes the case of any selected text, mtext, attributes and dimension text.


Command Alias Editor

Aside from modifying your command thru PGP files which I already discussed it here, and here on where you can find it, and how you can modify it. There is also another way of modifying your AutoCAD command that is thru Command Alias Editor, which you can find under the Express menu, and under Tools. And from the command prompt type ALIASEDIT.


Missing Express Tools on AutoCAD Architecture 2008

express toolsexpress tools

I had recently installed thexpress toolsexpress toolse AutoCAD Architecture 2008 formerly known as Autodesk Architectural Desktop (ADT) on my PC.  At first I thought I haven’t encountered any problem while installing it, only to found out that there was some important tools missing. 

As I was familiarising myself to the newly installed AutoCAD and  discovered that the tools that was missing is the most used tools of an AutoCAD practitioner the Express Tools. 

Eventually, I found out that the express tools folder was on the installation CD and have to copy it manually and put it on the AutoCAD Architecture 2008 folder on program files, which what I did and solves the problem.