Text Under the Dimension Line

How do you put a text under a dimension line? No, I’m not talking about literally putting a Text under a dimension line using the command Text or Mtext then putting it under the dimension line manually. What I’m talking about is how are you going to a put Text under a dimension line automatically, without doing any command other than DIMEDIT or Edit.

Here is how, after a dimension was made in the object in your drawing, key-in command DDEDIT or just ED. Then click the text on the dimension line and add a backward  slash and a capital X after the dimension text (\X your text here). The result will be like those on the picture below (Fig.1).



Easiest Way of Changing a Text in AutoCAD

I don’t know about the other advance users of AutoCAD if they using FIND command frequently, or if they ever use it at all. Because for me FIND command is one of the frequently used command in AutoCAD. Specially when the drawing I’m working with has a need to replace a series of text annotations.