How to Rotate your Drawing in Paper Space

There are times when you’re almost done, on finishing your drawing, but the only hindrance in doing so are some of the details on your drawing that can’t seem to fit all inside in one paper. And the only solutions you might think is whether you separate it on another paper or just re arrange it.

I remember in my case when I encountered such predicament, I opted to just re-arranged it rather separate it in another paper. I re-arrange the drawing not in model space but in paper space, because I’m afraid it might ruin all the dimensions that I made.

With this, the UCSFOLLOW command and UCS Entity came in handy. These two AutoCAD commands will allow you to do exactly what you want, rotating your drawing without moving it in model space, you can just do it in paper space alone.

First things first you have to make sure your paper space is on UNLOCK mode.

Then while on the paper, space key-in the Mspace command to enter on the model space. Then key-in comand UCSfollow, set the new value to 1 (the default value is 0).

Then key-in UCS in the command prompt, then type E (entity) then enter. While your doing this stuff you’re still inside the model space.
Then the command prompt will ask for the object to be align to ucs. Just select any vertical line on your drawing.

Thats all, my drawing been rotated without doing it actually in model space.

Change layout MS to PS

Probably one of the most exciting sub-tools of the express tools is the change space under the layout tools. This tool, allows you to transfer any objects from model space to paper space or vice-versa.

For instance, there was one time that I want to put all drawing legends in my drawings in paper space. But the problem is in paper space I have to re-draw again all the necessary legends that I needed when in facts all legends are already drawn inside the model space. All I need is just to transfer it or copy it from model space to paper space.

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Under the express menu, click the layout tools, under it click the change space ms/ps. Then select the object that you want to transfer and just follow all instructions.