Trimming hatch pattern

On some of the features of AutoCAD LT version 2006, the capability to trim the hatch pattern I think is the most useful and probably some users may think the same way as I do. Though all the features of the said version are useful in terms of completing a drawing task.

On the previous version of AutoCAD trimming a hatch is far from possible. In order to modified our drawing that has a hatch in it, some usually just erased it and make another hatch, on the other hand some drafter that are too lazy to draw again the hatch that they made, resort to cheatings by using the explode command to make the hatch be a regular line and therefore they can already trim it just like any regular line on the drawing.

Yes, some may think there’s nothing wrong if ever they resort to that kind of tricks, but problem may arise in the future when such drawing has a revision, and that simple tricks that you made will become the causes of your headache.

So, it is really much better to create another hatch, than doing any lazy tricks if you are not using a hatch trimming supported version of AutoCAD.